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The new gold standard for Xenograft
Mega-Oss Bovine sincerely wants to be compared in quality with Bio-OssR(Geistlich, switzerland), which has the biggest market share in the world.

Superior porous structure
Mega-Oss Bovine is an inorganic natural bone material extracted from bovine bone from Australia which is recognized by BSE as safe and clean region. (Korea is not recognized by BSE as clean area.) The organic part of the bovine bone is effectively removed through various processes, no additives are added during processing, and it has no immunological rejection.
All the products are produced in sterile processes from safe raw materials. Mega-Oss Bovine is biocompatible bone graft material with porous structure similar to human cancellous bone and stimulates new bone formation and growth in grafted site. It has more and wider pores offering excellent hydrophilicity and angiogenesis. 

No crystallization with standard fusion temperature
The Low-Temperature deproteinizing process eliminates proteins effectively, but maintains the natural topography of cancellous bone with superior porosity.


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