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Design concept

Wide opening to permit easy removal of harvested bone. Unique sliding design for smooth lifting of Stop- per with appropriate resistance as drilling progresses. Designed to connect the Stopper securely. A ledge to secure the position of Stopper at start. Center guide to prevent slippery during drilling. 

Easy and Fast Insertion 
Sufficient cutting force can be obtained even at low RPM. Autogenous bone can be harvested within 10 seconds! Amount of bone harvested may be equivalent to the size of Auto-Max! Enables quick, easy bone harvesting in a single procedure! It can be cleaned thoroughly as the Stopper is easily disconnectable! V shaped opening completely prevents bone chips from splattering during drilling! May be used in any type of bone with excellent durability! 

How to use

1. Connect an Auto-Max o the handpiece and position a stopper on the Auto-Max. 
2. The Auto-Max should meet the bone surface perpen- dicularly. Press the handpiece to fix the sharp point on the bone and start drilling at about 500RPM with copious irrigation.
3. Do not pump during harvest. Pumping may scatter the harvested bone.
4. The Auto-Max will automatically stop advancing into the bone at a depth of 4mm.
5. Disconnect the stopper from Auto-Max and collect particulated autogenous bone at in a sterilized tray. (Repeat steps 1~5 until the desired volume of bone is ob- tained.)
6. Bone should be harvested from a new site each time avoiding overlap with other harvest sites. 

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