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Features & Benefits

Non-resorbable. Won’t resorb prematurely – you dictate healing time
100% Dense (non-expanded) PTFE; pore size less than 0.3 μm Impervious to bacteria*
Purposely leave the membrane exposed Less surgical time, preservation of soft tissue architecture and keratinized mucosa
Soft tissue attaches, but doesn’t grow through the membrane Exposed membrane allows for non-surgical removal; no anesthesia required
Hexagonal dimples increase surface area Designed to increase membrane stabilization

The patented RegentexTM surface helps stabilize the membrane and the soft tissue flap. Hexagonal surface dimples provide a textured surface, which increases the area available for cellular attachment without increasing porosity. 

TXT-200 Singles 12 mm x 24 mm
TXT-200 25 mm x 30 mm 

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