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DESIGN The 0.8 degree pitched thread provides maximum contact for effective osseointegration. Because of the buttress thread design, it can withstand strong masticatory forces. The four cutting edges and guided bottom ensure maximim initial stability

SURFACE Our Super RBM Surface Treatment produces a favorable surface topograpy that has been proven through extensive systematic testing. MegaGen's Super RBM Surface shortens loading time and provides favorable results in any bone quality

CONNECTION Internal Trip Connection - MegaGen's Trip anti-rotation structure will not deform until 420N of insertion torque, allowing for extremely stable initial fixation. The 11° Internal Connection Wall, which is a proven concept of Morse Taper & Conical Seal, effectively allows for extremely high occlusal and lateral forces. Initial stability upon placement is provided

SURGERY Super wide fixtures can be placed with a two step drilling procedure consisting of a trephine drill and a pilot drill. The Rescue Surgical Kit can be used for internal and external fixtures as well.

PROSTHETICS The Rescue Internal System provides various Internal Trip Connection abutments such as UCLA Gold abutments, straight abutments, milling abutments, solid abutments and ball abutments

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