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DESIGN The Ez Plus® fixture's crestal  tapered  design provides maximum initial stability in any bone quality. In dense bone situations, the self tapping thread design and four cutting edges of the fixture provide easy insertion. The thread design that runs to the top of the fixture has been engineered to maximise the connection  between the bone and the implant, while minimising crestal bone loss. Platform switching enhances crestal bone attachment.

SURFACE Our Super RBM Surface Treatment produces a favorable surface topography that has been proven through extensive systematic testing. MegaGen's Super RBM shortens loading time and provides favorable results in any bone quality.

CONNECTION Internal Trip Connection - MegaGen's Trip anti-rotational structure will not deform until 220N of insertion torque, allowing for extremely stable initial fixation.

SURGERY The Ez Plus® surgical kit contains a very well organised selection of high quality drills. MegaGen's surgical drills transform the drilling into a very smooth and easy procedure.

PROSTHETICS The Ez Plus® system incorporates an 11° morse taper, producing a conical seal and a cold weld between the abutment and the implant. Abutment options to provide aesthetic and prosthetic excellence include UCLA, Angled, Straight, Solid, Milling Type, Overdenture supporting and for screw-retained resorations.

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