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Dental Implant Systems

Our philosophy - different types of implants for different types of teeth

AnyRidge® Implant System

ANYRIDGE® is a very advanced implant system designed to overcome the most difficult surgical limitations: lack of the bone density, lack of the horizontal and vertical bone dimension. The innovative macro design and progressive thread concept together with its locking morse taper connection and platform shifting makes AnyRidge the perfect choice for experienced implantologists.

AnyOne® Implant System

AnyOne® is the implant system that has been developed to be Tissue Friendly, Operator Friendly and Patient Friendly - the TOP concept.
The ease of surgical placement, the initial stability and the excellent soft&hard tissue response are just a few reasons why AnyOne® could be the implant of choice for anyone: either for a beginner or for an experienced surgeon.

EZ Plus® Implant System

The Ez Plus® implant is a versatile submerged type implant designed to meet almost all indications. It incorporates an efficient morse taper that produces a conical seal and a cold weld between the implant and the abutment. The conical seal and the platform switching connection leads to less bone resorbtion and lower occurrence of peri-implantitis

Rescue® Implant System

Rescue® Super Wide & Short Implants is one of the most researched products in the world for replacing missing molars. The wideness of Rescue® (from 6.0 to 8.0mm) stands for the fact that it is naturally to replace big teeth (as molars) with big crowns on big implants. The shortness of Rescue® (from 5.0mm) allows the clinician to restore teeth in low ridges, thus avoiding complicated operations such as sinus lift and mandibular nerve repositioning.

Mini Implant

Mini, but mighty — was designed for your convenience. ø3.0, ø 3.25 mm diameter implants.

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