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The Megagen Implant company was founded by a group of Dental Surgeons looking for a way to offer their patients the best possible solution for their missing teeth, both in the case of a single missing tooth or for a fully edentulous mouth.

 The main consideration when creating our implants was to offer safe and simple surgery with the least unpleasantness during the surgical phase, the quickest healing of the surgical site and above all the long term survival of the implant giving the patient the possibility to eat normally  and smile beautifully– as if they had a full mouth of natural teeth.   

 Megagen Implant Company considers that as all natural teeth are not the same shape and size, to replace them with an implant where one size fits all is not the perfect solution. A molar tooth that will have to bear the weight of your chewing a steak needs to be built on a strong implant. If you have enough bone to take a wide bodied implant,  that is what we should place.  A wide molar that is built on a “root” or implant that replaces the root, will be much better able to stand the pressures & forces of mastication. To restore a missing incisor, or a small tooth from the front of your lower jaw, we have narrow implants that will not require the removal of excessive bone in order to place them. As far as possible our implants seek to imitate the size of the root they are replacing, offering better survival rates and long term success for your restoration.

 Aside from the implant macro design, we also take into consideration the micro-surface, with an implant surface that encourages speedy bone growth on the surface of the implant, embedding it quickly and securely so the final restoration can be placed as quickly as possible after the initial surgery.

 Unlike many other companies implants, every single Megagen implant is checked by our quality control team at least twice before leaving our factory. We offer absolutely the highest quality product at a price that will surprise you.

 We care about our patients.



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